Chateau Vista Farm's  2022 Breedings

Continuing the Chateau Vista tradition...


Chateau Vista Farm's focus year after year is on selecting premium stallions to match specifically with each of our fantastic mares based on previous years offspring success to continue the farm tradition aiming to produce some of the finest bred Warmbloods in the United States. Below is a list of future foal plans to be bred by Chateau Vista Farm for those interested in a custom foal or some of our future in-utero options. Some of our mares are currently booked for custom foals for those who are interested in using a particular mare for a custom foal. We have embryo transfer options available as well. We are very selective about our breeding plans for the future where the good breeding today continues the Chateau Vista Farm tradition of making the champions of tomorrow. Thank you for joining us on our journey.



Planned 2022 Breeding By
ES Black Tie

Baroncelli X Raphael

 2022 Breeding Plans

Planned Breeding
for 2023 AHS foal
ES Black Tie

CVL Ulania Tournerie


Planned Breeding
for 2023 GOV foal
Sempatico M
CVL Bliksem

More information on our future foals coming soon. Thank you for being patient as we breed a top foal for your future. Check back later for more updates as we anxiously await our future foals.