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Chateau Vista Farm's Color Breeding Program

Warmblood color breeding for that one-of-a-kind sporthorse...


Chateau Vista Farm, LLC has worked hard over the years to establish state-of-the-art breeding programs. We are excited to be able to shine through our color breeding stock. Our color program focuses on the traditional "paint" markings specifically bred into Warmblood sporthorses. Utilizing some of the finest colored Warmblood sporthorse stallions in America and beyond, we are proud to be able to offer these one-of-a-kind Warmbloods for sale and at stud. Taking into consideration modifying genes and overo genetic contributions, we set a standard for having throughly tested and genetically mapped all of our breeding stock for future generations. To understand more about these amazing colorful Warmbloods, be sure to preview our paragraph below.

DNA Strand

 Color Pattern Coat  Genetics

Setting a standard for future generations...


      -This page is currently under construction. Check back soon for more info as we breed America's Elite "in Color!"-


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