Chateau Vista Farm's Current  Foals

The champions of good breeding...


Here at Chateau Vista Farm we focus on selecting premium stallions to match specifically with each of our fantastic mares. By our careful selection process, we aim to produce some of the finest bred Warmbloods in the United States. Below is a list of current and future foals bred by Chateau Vista Farm where the good breeding today makes the champions of tomorrow.


2021 Filly

Don't Stop Believin' CVL

Dracula d'Avalon X CVL Bliksem

In the beginning...




"We had a great experience today at Chateau Vista Farm. Both of my girls came out to try some horses. The Chateau Vista team was so attentive and made sure the girls had a really positive experience with the horses. We had a great time and look forward to coming back."

-Allison S. Very Satisfied Potential Buyer

More information on our current foals coming soon. Thank you for being patient as we breed a top foal for your future. Check our future foals page for more updates and plans as we anxiously await our future foals.