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Chateau Vista Farm's Reference Dams

Warmblood breeding worldwide...

Chateau Vista Farm, LLC basis the foundation of its breeding program using some of the best sires and dam lines in the world. Below is a collection of some of the reference sires and dams the farm has used or is currently being used in the program. Also included in the list are bloodlines currently in our farm sales or breeding line-up. This is not a complete list of reference sires and dams. Chateau Vista Farm utilizes a mixture of traditional, modern, and blood-type stallions and dam lines depending on the goals and hopeful outcomes for each foal's development and future in the sport, aiming to produce the highest quality of stock possible. We have a growing list of reference dams for our program. Click on the reference dam below for more information. If you are interested in seeing our reference sires please visit our reference sires page under the references link above in the menu.


Reference Dam
Argenta CVL

Apiro X

CVL Ulania Tournerie

Reference Dams of Chateau Vista

Reference Dams of Chateau Vista

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