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Electra as a Yearling

A Chateau Vista Farm yearling enjoying

some afternoon grazing time.

Pricing Levels are as follows for all of

Chateau Vista and Associates:

  • Level 10 - $200k+

  • Level 9 - $150k - $200k

  • Level 8 - $100k - $150k

  • Level 7 - $75k- $100k

  • Level 6 - $50k - $75k

  • Level 5 - $25k - $50k

  • Level 4 - $15k - $25k

  • Level 3 - $10k - $15k

  • Level 2 - $5k - $10k

  • Level 1 - $1k - $5k

Recently Sold 

Fulfilling dreams...

We have an active reference list of horses Chateau Vista Farm, LLC has recently sold or leased to customers on and off-site. We are always looking to enrich the lives of our clients by making their dreams a reality with a top bred athlete. Each of our mares and young stock groups have their own personal companions which helps make weaning and group settings more compatible to keep our top home-bred youngsters and broodmares as safe as possible. We also have a band of recipient mares that we use as embryo transfer recipients or surrogate mothers so our top donor mares can stay in sport. If you have any questions regarding our sales opportunities feel free to check out the Our Horses page under the Breeding link above on what Chateau Vista Farm and affiliates have to offer. Be sure to check out each of their respective sites listed as well as our sister sites by clicking on each of their links below. Each business branch has a completely separate program and also a separate string of horses available for consideration.


Be sure to check out our sister sites for horses beyond our home-bred young stock that are available for lease or purchase.

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“Chateau Vista and Associates saved our Christmas! We were able to make a deal and get a wonderful older horse that is family friendly and kid safe!!! Amazing people and and amazing horse. Seriously, our horse is so sweet and well behaved. Would recommend this place to anyone!!!"

-Nicole N, satisfied buyer from CVF

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