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Chateau Vista Farm's  Young Stock

The result of exquisite sporthorse breeding...

-This is not a complete list of our current young stock, feel free to message us to see what we currently have on hand-

-See our For Sale page for more info on which horses are for sale here at CVF-

Chateau Vista Farm carries out a careful selection process to produce some of the finest bred Warmbloods in the United States. Below is a list of young stock at Chateau Vista Farm where the good breeding of yesterday made these champions of today. Our current list of youngsters is constantly changing. Although we do our best to keep our lists updated there may be additions or subtractions depending on sales happenings. If you are interested in a youngster we have feel free to contact us about your possible future champion.

Every one of our youngsters has a unique one-of-a-kind tailored rearing, training, and showing program designed to ensure the very best possible experience as young horses. Below are just some of the accolades our current young stock has achieved. We are proudly breeding elite warmbloods on North American soil.

2024 Accolades Include:​​

  • CVL Mahalo d'Avalon:

    • 2024 To be Inspected and Registered​

  • CVL Celebration d'Avalon: 

    • 2024 To be Inspected, Branded, and Registered with the Westfalen Association of North America Knabstrupper (Westfalen KNN-NA​)

  • CVL Candlelight d'Avalon: (See more info on her page by clicking here)

  • Baroness CVL: (See her dam's page "CVL Ulania Tournerie" for info)​

  • Argenta CVL: (See her dam's page "CVL Ulania Tournerie" for info)

  • CVL Geralt d'Avalon:

    • Currently being shown on the line.

    • Multiple Top Placings at Regional and National Horse Shows Zone 6 Hunter Breeding

    • FASC Spring Top Five Young Horse In-Hand 3-Years-Old and Under

    • FASC Spring Amateur Handler Top Five Young Horse 3-Year-Olds and Under

    • Top Five Placing Yearlings In-Hand and at Liberty Jumper Designation at the Spy Coast Farm North American Young Horse Show Hugo, Minnesota

    • 2024 North American Young Horse Show Series Nationals Qualified to Compete for Best Bred Jumper Yearling in North America Final at the Spy Coast Farm Young Horse Show Series Finals in Tryon, North Carolina.

    • 2024 INHJA Iowa Nebraska Hunter Jumper Association Year End Overall Standing

    • 2024 MiHJA Midwest Hunter Jumper Association Year-End Overall Current Standing

    • 2024 USEF United States Equestrian Federation National Hunter Breeding Yearling Current Standing in Points

    • 2024 USHJA United States Hunter Jumper Association Zone 6 Horse of the Year Program Current Standing

  • Consul Torono CVL​: (See his dam's page "CVL Bliksem" for info)​

2023 Accolades Include:

  • Baroness CVL: (See her dam's page "CVL Ulania Tournerie" for info)​

  • Argenta CVL: (See her dam's page "CVL Ulania Tournerie" for info)

  • CVL Geralt d'Avalon:

    • 2023 Inspected, Registered, and Branded with the Westfalen Breed Registry of North America​

  • Consul Torono CVL: (See his dam's page "CVL Bliksem" for info)​


CVL Mahalo

Mannhattan X ES Toronto X Christ

Current   Young Stock

Consul Torono CVL

Consul Torono CVL

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"We had a great experience today at Chateau Vista Farm."

-Allison S. Very Satisfied Potential Buyer

Check back later for more updates as we are constantly adding new young stock to our program.

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