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Chateau Vista Farm's Hunter Breeding Program

Producing elite international hunter derby prospects...


Chateau Vista Farm, LLC is proud to be able to showcase a luxurious line-up of quality Warmblood foals produced from the best of bloodlines from both dam and sire for sport hunters from on the line hunter breeding to derby finals and indoors in America. Chateau Vista Farm stands behind the philosophy that good breeding makes champions and that the top call comes from the genealogy of a good beginning. We believe that the winner becomes a winner when they are just a thought on paper and an accumulation of successful matches over years of quality breeding. It is important to utilize the best stallions and mares available to produce elite level prospects. Quality does always win and you can never go wrong with a fantastic pedigree when looking at young hunters to produce in your program. We are so lucky in America to have hunters as a foundation for the future unlike other countries that have a dressage basis and the like. We need to make the most of the hunter programs and incentives we have here in America and do our very best to produce unprecedented winners while, as breeders, we also put stake in our own programs by keeping some to develop for the show ring. We are passionate about producing elite hunters and we are excited to bring you along with us in our hunter breeding journey. Read more about our genealogy thoughts, criteria, and ideals for elite hunter breeding below.


 Elite Hunter Genealogy

The top call is in the bloodlines...


      From the beginning of Chateau Vista Farm's breeding program our passion has been grounded in a foundation of producing America's elite hunter and jumper prospects for the pinnacles of our sport. From two very different yet similar angles, hunter and jumper breeding is an art. Focusing on elite hunter genealogy here at Chateau Vista we believe that that top call that everyone covets is in the bloodlines.

      As the history unfolded over the years in the hunter ring, we have seen a transition from a thoroughbred base performance system thirty years ago in the hunters to a movement focused a bit more on Warmblood type. With the change of conventional hunter courses to more athletically technical courses particularly in the derby realm, there is a need more and more for quality, soundness, and scope in the hunter rings. Though some frown upon the basis of our performance horses here in this country as being hunters instead of dressage, we believe it is an asset that allows us to branch into our own uniqueness as a country for Warmblood breeding as a whole. 

      Having a performance based system is key for all breeders. Formulating a genealogy system when creating breeding matches is the key to our success. With each cross we specifically look at the performance aspect in the show ring of both sire and dam and what they will bring to the table. All of our mares that we utilize have some sort of performance base or have performed in the hunter rings themselves. We then look back for generations, "and we mean generations," for performance.

      We believe that trending genealogy is where the top call is. Establishing years of hunter performance as most Europeans do for jumper bloodlines is the key. Investing in our program is also another key to our success. We have all heard the saying you get out of it what you put into it and we believe that every tip top breeder has gone lengths to invest into their own programs with young horse programs for training, producing, and showing. We believe growth and success in never stagnant, thus we strive to continually compete with ourselves year after year to produce the next elite generation of hunter genealogy with working performance and derby finals in the forefront of our production goals for our prospects.

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